About the Group

We follow our investment philosophy based on prioritising the sectors that we understand well, the locations that are culturally and geographically close to us and the projects where we can gain a significant decision-making stake.

We prefer to invest in real estate, development, telecommunications and financial services.

Facility Management

We handle all aspects of management, maintenance and operation of our properties. We strive to maximize their efficiency and reduce operational costs while maintaining high quality and comfort for all tenants.


We specialise in residential, manufacturing and logistics property investments in Central Europe.


We specialise in telecommunications infrastructure investments in Central and Western Europe. We focus on construction, modernisation and servicing of telecommunications networks for leading global operators.

Financial Services

Our team encompasses top experts with extensive experience in the distribution of financial services as well as professionals in the area of financial analytics and financial law.


Contact for Media

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Monika Brichtová, MIB

Press Officer & PR