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The real estate funds under the CZECH FUND brand, established by us, are designed for both beginners and experienced investors. With CZECH FUND you can appreciate your funds and make use of attractive investment opportunities that we offer.


What are investment funds?

What are investment funds?

Originally, the CZECH FUND is a Czech brand of investments funds focused on investments in real estate in Central Europe. Real estate funds pool investor’s funds, allowing them to participate in returns on billions of assets even with lower deposits.

According to your preferences you can invest in the existing properties with a stable yield and low yield volatility (CZECH REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUND) or choose long-term investments in development projects with an attractive appreciation (CZECH DEVELOPMENT FUND SICAV, a.s.).


Benefits of investing in a mutual fund

Ongoing deposits and withdrawals

You can continuously deposit your money in the funds or request their payment at any time.

Tax benefits

On condition that your investment lasts more than 3 years, the sales of securities is exempt from income tax for physical entities.

Assets under Control

The funds are deposited in the projects that are owned by the funds through the individual real estate SPV and the funds, or better to say their trustees, have an absolute control over them.

Detailed Analysis

Preparation of new projects and properties before their purchase by the fund takes several months. During these months, all financial, legislative and process aspects are carefully monitored.


Regulated Business

The funds are closely monitored and inspected by the fund administrator, depository, audit; and are subject to regulations of Česká národní banka.


Openness and Communication

We organise meetings for our clients and potential investors, and on a regular basis we provide reports on the performance of the fund as well as additional market information. It is also possible to arrange a non-binding meeting with our investment consultant.

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