We follow an investment philosophy based on prioritizing investments in sectors we understand well, in locations that are culturally and geographically close to us and in projects where we can obtain a significant decision-making stake.

Real Estate

Real estate forms the fundamental pillar of our business. We are dedicated to invest in constructions, development and appreciation of residential complexes, retail parks and logistics halls.

CZK 25 billion

market value of managed real estate assets

359 000 m2

leasable area in the Czech Republic and Poland

CZK 3.9 billion

market value of implemented development projects

Real Estate projects overview



We care about a strategic development of the properties we manage with the aim to increasetheir market values. Our approach is based on long-term relationships and therefore we actively look after hundreds of tenants. At the same time, our team of colleagues optimizes and reduces operating costs and contributes to the growth of the value of individual properties through strategic investments.

With a focus on sustainability, we also strive to reduce energy intensity and minimiseenvironmental impact. In all properties, we oversee the companies that provide their facility management and associated maintenance activities.

For instance, our colleagues from Real Estate Facility Management currently manage and develop the following properties:

  • ​Smetanka Park Olomouc
  • Spojovací Residence
  • Green Resort Kunětická hora
  • Residence Green Mladá Boleslav

Asset Management & Letting

Asset Management & Letting

Our colleagues from Real Estate Facility Management take care of all aspects of maintenance and operation of managed properties. We strive to maximize their efficiency and reduce their operating costs while maintaining a high level of quality and comfort for all tenants. With an emphasis on sustainability and optimization of the processes, we also take all our efforts to reduce energy intensity and minimize environmental impact.

For instance, currently we manage the following properties:

  • Logistic Park Týniště nad Orlicí
  • ​Olomouc CITY
  • OC Ciechanów
  • OC Szczecin
  • OC Haná Olomouc and others



The DRFG Home team focuses on the sale of apartments and family houses within our residential projects. The aim is to provide our clients both quality housing and a complete service that will facilitate the entire purchase process for them. The clients can benefit from a comprehensive service that is offered by us, starting with the selection of the property to its financing.



Through Suntel Group, we are involved in the construction and operation of telecommunications infrastructure in the Central and Western European regions. In Switzerland, for instance, we belong to the top brands in the industry.

Our clients include the top global telecommunications companies, such as Swisscom, Vodafone, Salt, Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, T-Mobile, O2, Cetin and others. In 2019, FibreNet, a company operating fibre optic infrastructure in Slovakia, was also added to our portfolio. Its services are used by national and multinational telecommunications operators, regional providers and government administrations. 

5 countries

in which Suntel Group operates

620+ professionals

build and service our mobile and data networks

Portfolio of Suntel Group

Financial Services

Financial Services

The sector of financial services is one of the most important areas in our business. Among us, there are top experts with extensive experience in the distribution of financial services as well as professionals in the area of financial analytics or financial law. Our Group also includes Chytrý Honza, a brokerpool, which has an advisory network of 700+ consultants across the Czech Republic. Another important partner is EFEKTA OCP, which has been operating on the market for more than 20 let and belongs among only a few non-bank security traders. The synergy among these sectors delivers cardinal added value in financial services.


professionals and specialists take care of your investments

CZK 2,1 billion

of redeemed bonds

CZK 1+ billion

commission turnover

Providers of financial services