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Thanks to diverse activities of our investment Group, we offer job opportunities in different sectors across the Czech Republic and abroad. We conduct a face-to-face interview with each candidate. Our aim is to understand your current situation, your career goals, motivation and visions linked to your future job. Together, we are committed to finding the best job opportunity that would fit to your needs and ambitions.


Our Values

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Are you interested in working with DRFG but have not found a position that would fit you? Contact us! Send us your CV and a letter of motivation in which you describe your experience, skills and preferences. We will get back to you and together we will try to find a position that would match your qualification.

Jitka Jetlebová

HR manager

Our Values

The success of the DRFG Group is built on strong foundations. These values are accompanying us in everything we do. These are the fundamental principles allowing us to achieve outstanding results and build strong and efficient teams.

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If we get down to work, we are satisfied only when we achieve 100% and are the best in what we are doing. We are continuously improving and developing. We accept the challenges and our aim is to achieve outstanding results.


We stick together. We trust each other and rely on each other. Positive thinking and friendly atmosphere allow us to achieve the best results.


We keep, what we have promised. We appreciate the trust of our clients and partners and are responsible towards our employees. Fulfilment of our obligations is our priority.



We grow together with our people. We allow everyone to develop their talents that can contribute to our collective success. We encourage creativity, education and professional growth.


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

DRFG, like many other organisations, stands in the centre of the society while forming its inseparable part. The key element for the brand support and establishment of clear working environment is adherence to ethical standards. DRFG sets clear rules and principles of ethical conduct for its employees, both for external environment and internal relationships.

Across the Group, we embedded important principles of professional approach, we strengthen professional identity and increase accountability of our employees, whom we assess in line with high standards. Thus, we can ensure that everybody has the same expectations and meets our core ethical standards.

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